Ask a Question "Think Back Stack" Find Your Story

Ask a Question "Think Back Stack" Find Your Story

For when your creative
juices are running dry

A playful pack of 52 awesome memory prompts to get your story synapses firing. The Think Back Stack prompts are memory joggers for the stories you’ve forgotten, the madness you lived through and the thrills you’ve faced over time.

The moments that made the biggest impact on you - they’re all worth sharing. From crafting your own #Barefaced story, writing a memoir, recording your parents’ and grandparents’ lives, warding off your own amnesia to reconnecting with your partner - you’ll never be stuck for a yarn again.

This box is a tool to remind yourself that your life has had the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, sad and scary range of experiences it takes to be human. It’s just that most of us forget until someone asks about that time you…

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